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September 1, 2016

Kathryn and Andrew,
It has been a fun beginning in second grade. I am so happy to have Matty in my class. He is working hard and enjoying our activities. Matty is doing a good job managing his energy. He is able to ask when he needs more movement and does a great job finding an appropriate place during instructional time in order to have movement and not disrupt his classmates. He is my “go-to” helper! Thanks for sharing him with me this year. I look forward to seeing Matty on Tuesday – Mrs. Acton


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February 6, 2014

Field Trip Day for Davy…

The second graders headed over to Center Place for Fine Arts in Brandon for a performance of ‘Anansi and the tree of life’.  Afterwards, they headed to a park and had lunch.


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December 1, 2013

This week Davy and I are working on his ‘Around the World Project’.  Each child picked a country and somehow he ended up with the United States.  On Friday, he is to bring in a model of something representing his country and he picked this 950 piece 3D puzzle.  It’s gonna be a fun week putting this together… 🙂



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Brooker Creek Preserve Field Trip

It’s Field Trip Day to Brooker Creek Preserve!!!

At approximately 8700 acres, Brooker Creek Preserve is the largest natural area in Pinellas County.  It consists primarily of forested wetlands and pine flatwoods.  The Preserve provides both a unique refuge for native flora and fauna as well as an opportunity for citizens to explore the natural beauty of wild Florida.

The Preserve also serves to protect a significant portion of the Brooker Creek Watershed. A complex of hiking and equestrian trails provide visitors an opportunity to explore the Preserve’s many ecosystems.

There were three different activities for the children.  They went into the museum where they watched a film and got to have a hands on experience with different furs, bones, bugs, etc.  They each got to net the swamp and see if they could find any critters.  Davy was the first to find one of two Crawfish, there was a tadpole, and they saw a Water Moccasin swim by.  And lastly, they got to go on a hike which went through 4 different ecosystems:  Pinewood Flats, Cypress Swamps, Oak Hammock, Sand Hill.

The kids loved it!


Getting ready to load the bus… Davy, Liam, Pierce

IMG_0459 IMG_0460 IMG_0461 IMG_0464 IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0475 IMG_0476 IMG_0477 IMG_0479 IMG_0481 IMG_0482 IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0489

 Davy’s sweet teacher Mrs. Paggio…

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