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Boating and Tubing on the Intercoastal

Sometimes there just aren’t enough words to be able to fully express the love and gratitude that one has for beautiful friends…

As I am currently unable to do much of anything, Kelly and Brian decided that they were not going to let this situation get everyone down.  Today, they packed up all the kids and took them out for a boat ride and lunch at Rotten Ralph’s .  They said that the weather was beautiful, the morning water was calm, and they even saw dolphins.  The boys had a wonderful time tubing and driving the boat.  We heard that Davy made the 25 mile an hour club and rode on the tube 5 or 6 times.  Love my brave boy. 

Thanks again Brian and Kelly… 🙂

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Before Breakfast Beach Walk

The Weather Channel predicted that the percentage of rain today was going to be 70%, so when we woke up and saw the sun shining in through the bedroom windows we took advantage of the good weather and headed for the beach.  Forget the breakfast and forget the coffee…throw on those bathing suits and let’s go!!!  They would need to get their wiggles out at some point, so we figured now was as good as time as any to start.  We parked at the Rod n Reel pier and took the walkway over to Bean Point. 

Yesterday, this couple went walking by us with their hands loaded down with big shells, so we asked them where they found them and they said further down the beach where the currents hit the shore.  We were certain that we were going to find the most beautiful shells, and of course we didn’t find one.  We walked from one side of the island to the other…and nothing.

We had a wonderful morning and left the beach thoroughly exhausted… By the time we got back to the house the kids were ready for breakfast, and we were ready for coffee!

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Swimming With The Dolphins

Our bedrooms are on the east side of the house and at 6:51 am I hear, “Mommy, it’s morning…can we go to the beach now?” Gotta love little Matty bear.  Of course my answer was, “Matty, mommy is sleeping…not yet and go away.” 🙂  At 8am we fixed breakfast and at 9am we headed to the beach.  The weather was beautiful and the water was calm.  Paradise.  Immediately after we set up the beach chairs and toys Colin says, “Look mom a dolphin!”  We grab our cameras and start scanning the horizon.  Sure enough there was a dolphin family, including a little baby dolphin.  The kids loved chasing after them in the water and it was so fun to watch their faces as they all got to swim with the dolphins.

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AMI Move In Day

Beach Day has finally arrived!!!  After months of planning and waiting….the wait is over.  Kelly and the kids came in late Friday night from Virginia, so the last bit of packing Saturday morning was a piece of cake and we were off for the 3pm check in.  The first year that we went to the beach we stayed for a week; we didn’t really even begin to relax until day five or so and then it was time to pack up and go home.  Last year, we decided on two weeks, but at the end we were so sad to leave that we pushed this year to three.  Three whole weeks of fun in the sun and sand in the toes…

This is the house…318 Iris.  It is a four bedroom with a pool on the canal… and we love it!



Papa Bear helped us bring down some of the bigger items in the back of his truck.


Molly and the Hermit Crabs made the trip.  Lucy will be here next weekend.


The dock leading out to the canal…


There are two lime trees in the back yard and both of them are covered with fruit!  Hmmm. Limeaids, Cornonas, Mojitos, Margaritas, the possibilities are endless…



There was an afternoon storm that the boys sat outside to watch and afterwards there was the most beautiful double rainbow…


We moved one bed so the three older boys could share a room… 

It’s gonna be a great three weeks…  🙂

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A Beach Day With Our Cousins

Sarah and the boys are down visiting for spring break and Easter, so today (Good Friday) we decided to take them fishing on the pier at Anna Maria and then spend the day playing on the beach.   

We fished for about an hour, only two of the four poles were working and for whatever reason we only caught two fish.  The first one I caught with in seconds of tossing in my line, and the second one Charlie caught.  He was so proud.  The bravest of the five boys was Emmett.  He liked to pet the fish.

After fishing we decided to walk over to Two Scoops for some lunch.  We figured it would just be easier to eat lunch now and then not worry about having to bring them in off of the beach.  Hot dogs and ice cream all around!

I have to say this was one of the windiest days I have ever seen here.  The day was beautiful, but we laughed saying that if we didn’t get sunburned then we would definitely get wind burned.  Liam, Davy and Charlie surfed the waves for hours, while Matty and Emmett played in the surf and dug in the sand.

Sarah and I layed on the sheet, drank Malibu buckets from the Sandbar, and took turns chasing the boys back down the beach when they drifted off to far.

The last thing the boys did before we left was to all get together and dig a big hole.  We loved watching them play together….  Much love for them.  🙂

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Church St. Armands and Fishing

August 7:  Sunday

It is a beautiful Sunday here on the island for the family to spend together, so we took the boys the church for a little worship.  The Roser Memorial Church was built 1913 by Charles Roser as a memorial to his wife Caroline.  He had decided that since so many people came to visit the island that it would not be given to any denomination, but would stand as a house of union for worship.  The original church still stands and is beautiful.  The people were friendly and the boy had a great time in Sunday School.

For lunch we headed down to St. Armand’s circle.  Andy and I always have a craving for Tommy Bahama’s when we head this way.  He loves the cheeseburger and I love the Ahi Tuna Poke…yum!

After walking through the shops, the boys were so good that we treated them to ice cream and promised to stop at the Long Boat Key playground on the way back.  It was a pretty park and we had it all to ourselves.

As we crossed back over to Bradenton Beach, we decided to drive down Bridge Street to see what was there.  We’ve passed by here so many times, but we had never stopped to check it out.  What did we find???  Minigolf!  It was so hot out, but Davy loved showing us his golf moves and at the end the boys got to drop their ball into a Plinko game and Matty won a free round next time we came back.

For the evening activity, the daddy’s decided to take the boys fishing.  They all climbed into the back of the truck and told stories about who was going to catch the whopper fish of the day.

Everyone caught a fish today and we celebrated with Two Scoops Ice Cream…

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AMI Saturday Fun

August 6: Saturday

We love the weekends!  So much to do and see….  We started our day today down at the Holmes Beach public beach for breakfast.  We had heard about their all you can eat pancake breakfast and that sounds perfect for the boys.

After breakfast we loaded up the beach gear and decided to spend the rest of the morning at Bean Point.  We knew that the beaches were going to be crowded, so we thought that we might get lucky here since it is a little more private and secluded. The kids played in the kayak and on the paddleboard. We even went for a walk around the north point. The tide was out and the view was beautiful. The kids were even rewarded with a finding a starfish.
To end the day, we moved over to the west side to watch the sunset. The weather was beautiful and we were rewarded with sand dollars. :O)

Amanda and her family came out to spend the day with us.

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Holmes Beach and After Dinner Fun

August 3: Wednesday

Every morning while we are making breakfast, the little ones beeline for the golf cart.  Jack has taken to calling it the tractor…so ‘The Tractor’ it is.  The front of this house is all sliding glass doors to a screened in patio which faces the road, so it really is perfect for us and them because they can play outside and be watched.

To change up the beach fun, we decided to head down to Holmes Beach today.  The little ones have been asking to go to the park and we knew that there was a playground here.

It didn’t take long for the older boys to make a few friends…  Four older boys asked them if they wanted to play volleyball and frisbee.

After we got back from the beach, they all hopped into the pool and cooled off with popsicles.

For our after dinner fun, we headed a little further down to the beach and parked the golf cart on Palmetto.  We love the wooden footpaths that head down to the beach and they did a great job pausing for a photo for us.

Feeding the seagulls…

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Bean Point and Fishing on the Pier

August 2: Tuesday

Today we started our day with some scrambled eggs and bacon for the children.  Afterwards, I ran over to Ginny and Jane’s and picked Kelly and I up a couple of Latte’s.  About 30 minutes later Brandie and Laurence stopped by and said, “Let’s go to Bean Point!”  We stopped by Beach Bums to find out exactly where the foot path was, and we were off.  I had to park the golf cart at the Rod and Reel pier, but the views and solitude were worth it.

This picture is so funny to me….  For some reason we have had terrible AT&T service today and poor Brandie has been constantly checking her phone just hoping that her work emails are coming through.

Me and my Matty Bear….

After dinner we decided to take the boys fishing; with the sun setting on the west side and it being a little later in the day we were hoping that it wouldn’t be too hot.   In retrospect, this is something that definitely needs to be done with the daddy’s here….there are just to many little people wanting help with baiting their hook, casting, and pulling off the caught fish.  We bought some bait over at the General Store and went down to the Anna Maria pier.  The boys were so excited when uncle Laurence showed up to help them.  All of the big boys caught fish, they were so happy!

I love this picture because Emma’s face is just classic….

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Let’s Ride the Waves

August 1: Monday

We have found that the most pleasant time to be at the beach is in the evening.  The sun is setting and not overly hot, there is a wonderful breeze, it’s not to crowded, and the children get to run and play before bed.  Tonight we took out all of the boogie boards, they are a big hit this year for all of the children.  The waves have been the perfect size for our little guys and the current hasn’t been to strong either…  :O)

Brandie, Laurence, and Ryla stopped by for a quick visit.  How cute are they on their 4 seater bike!











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