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Honeymoon Island

After our disappointment of not getting to the beach on Thursday, we were super excited when we woke up today and found the weather to be so beautiful.  So after we finished making Davy’s Pinebox Derby car and Mikey was picked up after Davy’s sleepover, we loaded up and headed out to the beach for a few hours.  This beach is the closest, it only takes us about 20 minutes to get there.  It isn’t the boys favorite, they call it ‘the rocky beach’, but it works and it is so pretty.  The guys played frisbee, Lily dug in the sand, and the boys made a huge rock pile.  Beautiful morning.


DSC_0139 DSC_0142 DSC_0144 DSC_0145 DSC_0149 DSC_0150 DSC_0151 DSC_0152 DSC_0153

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13 Little People and the Beach

To say that the kids were excited to have friends come and visit…would be an understatement!  Robin and Nicole decided to bring their kids down for the day and altogether we had 13 children: Colin, Landon, Evan, Ashlynn, Connor, Caiden, Davy, Livi, Emma, Reece, Matty, Jack, and Hudson.  They ran, played, built sand castles, fed the seagulls, snorkeled, boogie boarded, and went hunting for sand dollars and sand crabs.  They had a great time and we loved getting to tell Ashlynn ‘Happy 8th Birthday”…..

Thanks for coming…  🙂

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Bus Stop Water Fight!!

It’s the last day of school for our neighborhood friends, and keeping with tradition all of the parents and other siblings met the children at the bus stop.  As they unloaded off of the bus, we blasted them with water guns, silly string, and water balloons.  This year we had to cancel the neighborhood party on the lawn because of the rain.  Although currently it is only drizzling, the grass would get torn up with the water slides so they postponed the party until later in the summer. 

 Davy and Matty cruising down the sidewalk to meet their friends.

Ready, Aim, and Fire!!!!

Watch out Caiden!

Run Maddie!!!

You Better Duck Fisher’s…

Run Emma!!!

Caiden, Watch the Camera!!!

Water Balloon Fight!!!

Kiersten’s Got Silly String!!!

Poor Nichole!!!

We Love Robin…

Dad Attacks!!!

Little Matty Getting His Watergun!!!

Get Him Payton!!!

Hello Summer!


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>Now boarding Grayson Airlines

Grayson turns 1!!! Andy, Davy and I went over to the terminal around noon, dropped off his gift in baggage claim and made it just in time to watch the cake smash take off. Grayson loved his cake. He even tried to share it with Davy. The meal selections of the day were hamburgers and hotdogs. All in all it was a very smooth flight. There were even goodie bags as a parting gift. Whitney, thank you so much for the musical recorder…it has been music to our ears…..

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>Princess Madelyn turns 3!!!

>Meet Madelyn! She turned three years old today and I got to go to her Birthday Party!!! It was a princess party. She had at least a dozen different little princess dresses lined up for other girls to wear, they looked so pretty. We played stick the glass slipper on Cinderella’s foot, pulled the strings of the pinata and watched the candy fall out, sang her Happy Birthday softly, ate pizza and Birthday cupcakes. I ate a whole thing!

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>It’s Kiddie Pool Time

It’s a warm, beautiful day outside and nothing could be more fun than some good old fashion backyard water time. As I stood in the isle at Walmart contemplating which kiddie pool I would like to get the boys, I finally decided on agreeing with the professionals and getting the age appropriate one. It just looks so small. And in true Mama fashion, I just couldn’t get only the pool, so I bought the ring of squirting water to go around the pool for them to run back and forth through.

Davy, Michael, and Dusty had a great afternoon. I think at first they were a little confused, but it didn’t take long for them to get completely soaked, laugh and splash. Dusty enjoyed a few drinks from the pool and Michael gave Dusty a cool down while he was sun bathing.

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>Hello Boys….

Meet Antonio. He is a new friend of Davy’s who lives in Chapel Hill, NC. Antonio is down visiting his Aunt Debbie for spring break and agreed to help me watch Michael for the day. Antonio and I took the boys to the Aquarium for an afternoon of fun outdoors at the watering hole. While he was in Florida he went to Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. Now that is what I call a fun spring break! Next year, we’ll go somewhere new….

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