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January 3, 2023

Matty’s room… I love that he tries keep it clean.

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Total Solar Eclipse

First full solar eclipse in 99 years. Davy was at Mikey’s and Andy was at work. They both viewed the eclipse through solar glasses, Matty and I made a projector.


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What Happened To The Tent??

photo (22)After what was one of the best family days, we crashed into bed around 10:30.  We were all exhausted from the day and couldn’t wait to get some sleep.  Andy and I love camping, we’ve camped all over the US and we have come to find that when sleeping on the ground it is most comfortable for us to open up all of the sleeping bags and spread them out.  We probably had 6 sleeping bags/blankets laid out, 5 pillows, and three fleece blankets for us to layer and curl up under. 

This tent that we were using was a 4-6 man tent.  It wasn’t large, but it wasn’t too small either.  It was 55 degrees, almost a little to chilly, so we each wore our pullover jackets and snuggled down under the blankets.  It was Andy, me, Matty, and Davy.  At 12:45, Matty sits up and starts projectile vomiting across this little tent.  All over himself, me, the blankets, his stuffed animals, pillows, just everything.  Instantly, we all wake up and move out-of-the-way.  So gross.  To top it all off we are in the middle of 100 other tents and it is soooo quiet out.  So, as the stench takes over, I start pushing Andy to get out of the tent and get some towels to help me clean this up.  He opens the tent and trips trying to get out ripping the whole bottom of the tent so now it won’t close.  He stumbles into one of our beach chairs to catch himself and breaks the chair.  Oh my…

I start throwing the nasty stuff out of tent and strip him out of his clothes.  Davy sleeps on his stomach and is just staring at us with big eyes, and little Matty is sitting on Davy’s back in just his pull up trying to stay out-of-the-way.  He was so cold. 

We eventually get the mess cleaned up as best we could, flip around to the other end of tent, and try to go back to sleep.  Somewhere along the way Andy and I start laughing at the absurdity of this situation and we can’t stop.  We are trying to be quiet, so I end up crying I was laughing so hard.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep because every time Matty moved or moaned I thought another round was coming.  Several people asked us why we didn’t just pack up and go home, but it was dark, there were at least 100 tents all around us and we would have made a lot of noise trying to pack, and the car was way down the road in the parking lot.  It just didn’t make any sense.  The next morning Garrett said he heard something, he just thought it was an animal outside his tent.  By 8:15, Andy had the cars loaded and the poor tent was in the garbage can.  This was definitely a moment to remember.  🙂

photo (23)

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December 31

It’s the last day of 2012 and I find it ironic that my word of the year was healthy and here I am still sick in bed with fever wrapped up in Matty’s spiderman blanket.  This picture pretty much sums up my last couple of days with little improvement.  😦 

photo (2)

The weather is gorgeous so the boys played outside all day.  Andy increased the speed on Davy’s jeep so they have been tearing up the neighborhood most of the day.  Here’s a pic of the boys lighting fireworks, they had a great evening.

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December 30

photoWell it is official!  The cold that has been circulating through our house for the last two weeks has now found its way back to me.  This doesn’t surprise me at all and I really don’t mind, colds happen, but what sucks is the coughing.  I have been coughing since December 14th and it is not getting better :(.  Last night I happened to make an overnight french toast casserole, which was perfect because all Andy had to do this morning was bake it.  It was delicious.  Most of the day he has been playing with the boys so that I can get some rest, hopefully soon we will all kick the cough and get back to normal.  Our one outing today, was to take the boys to Starbucks for some hot chocolate.  It is in the 40’s today, burrrrrr, so this little drink hit the spot.


photo (15)

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December 29

Happy 36th Birthday to me!!!  Today was a great and relaxing day.  Andy let me sleep in, the weather was gorgeous we opened up all the doors, we ate some delicious cookies and cream pie, played a game of Quirkle (which Davy crushed us in), and then we all climbed onto the couch to watch Back to the Future part 3.



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December 28

Now do they get any cuter than this??!!  We stayed home today and the boys played with Caiden and Finn.  They played Skylanders off and on, and then they were outside the rest of the time riding around on whatever toy they could find or playing hide-and-seek.



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December 27

Today, I moved into the front two rooms.  As small as they are they took me hours.  I even washed the walls…  🙂  I rearranged the man room (now boy room) to better accomodate the boys for video game playing.  Davy says, “wow mom!, I feel like we live in a new house.”  He’s so cute.  I tried to get a picture of them, not sure why they have the scary eyes, but here they are playing Skylanders…

photo (3) photo (18) photo (19)

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December 26

Today we woke up a little tired from our big day yesterday.  Matty now has the cold that has been moving its way through the family, and he has fever.  He played a little with Davy, but most of the day he spent on the couch.  I started the Christmas breakdown and cleaned up the kitchen and family room.  I left the couch and moved the chairs, this rearrangement is a nice change.  Our poor tree barely made it this year, when I bumped her branches the needles just rained down onto the floor and she was half way brown… Ha!  She was still pretty though.



photo (27)


photo (26)

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December 25

After a long and wonderful day, Matty and Daddy curl up on the couch to watch a little Ice Age 4…


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