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January 25, 2014

Mani/Pedi’s for us girls…

IMG_2066 IMG_2068

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January 24, 2014

Aunt Brandie and family flew down from NJ and came to spend the weekend with us.¬† Brandie, Kelly, and I were able to sneak out for a little girl’s night out… ūüôā


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NYC, Spiderman, Matt and Ted

Day 5!¬† Today we headed back into the city to take the boys to see Spiderman¬†on Broadway and to visit with Matt and Ted.¬† Instead of ordering the tickets online, Brandie saw that if you arrived before the box office opened and stood in line you could get $39 seats until they were sold out.¬† Sounds good to us!¬† We hopped off the subway at 42nd, crossed the street to Foxwoods Theaters, and arrived at 11am with the ticket booth opening at noon.¬† Matt and Ted came to meet us in line while we waited.¬† The boys and I wandered around the corner into Times Square so Davy could see the New Year’s Eve ball, Matty helped himself to a vendor hot dog, and Brandie, Ryla, Matt, and Ted ventured off to get us some Starbucks.¬† Before we knew it the line was moving, we purchased our $39 tickets and were super excited to land front row Mezzanine seats.

1      2






For lunch, we left the touristy¬†areas and¬†walked over to 10th Ave into Hell’s Kitchen to eat at one of Matt and Ted’s favorite Mexican places, Anejo¬†Tequileria.¬† Between the guacamole and the margaritas, lunch was delicious!¬† Across the street was a playground, so we took the kids over to run and burn some energy.¬†

8 9 10

While the boys and I headed back to watch the show, Brandie went over to Matt’s to put Ryla down for a nap.¬† The show was FANTASTIC!¬† Matty leans over at one point and says, “Mama! This is the best movie I have ever seen!”¬† So cute.¬† Half way through the second act, Spiderman¬†is running around our level, he leans over to give Matty a high-five and then he fires his web all over us.¬† The boys loved it!


Afterwards, we hopped into a cab and headed downtown to Matt’s apartment.¬† For dinner Matt, Ted, John, Brandie, Ryla, Davy, Matty, and myself ordered some pizza, drank wine and juice, ate homemade rosemary ice cream, cranked up the tunes and had a great time.¬† Brandie and¬†I loved seeing Matt and¬†we loved that he got to spend some time with our babies…¬† ūüôā

DSC_0151 IMG_2009 IMG_2012 IMG_2016 IMG_2019 

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Riding the Train, AMNH, Dylan’s Candy Shop

Day 3!¬† Off to NYC we go.¬† The day couldn’t have started any better for the boys…they were getting to ride on the train!¬† We hopped on in Scotch Plains, switched at Newark, unloaded at Penn Station, and then jumped onto the Subway and headed up town.

DSC_0078 DSC_0080 DSC_0081 DSC_0082

* I am not sure why all these pictures are so blurry, but something is better than nothing… :)*

On the way to the museum, we decided to go ahead and stop for lunch.¬† We found a really cute burger and milk shake joint, so in we went.¬† Now as we are always a moving circus, it is here that Matty gets himself locked into the bathroom.¬† The restaurant was very small and couldn’t have had more than 10 tables, so when Matty started screaming that he was stuck…the whole place knew it.¬† Somehow, Davy had convinced him that he should lock the door.¬† The lock was a long bar lock that slid to the left to keep the door closed and then to the right to open.¬† Simple enough right??!!¬† Wrong.¬† The lock was to high for Matty to reach, we weren’t sure how he even got it locked to begin with.¬† So now he is kicking the door, screaming, and the owner was trying to figure out how he could body slam the door to get it open.¬† The hinges were on the inside, the door was heavy at least 3 inches thick, there was a door handle and not a knob that could be removed…he was locked in tight.¬† As we were all staring at each other and trying to remain calm, somewhere in Matty’s little mind he finally realized that he too needed to calm down and that we were not able to get him out and he had to do it on his own.¬† The entire process lasted probably ten minutes, but in the end, Matty says, “I got it!”¬† My smart little boy found the toilet brush under the sink and used the handle to reach the lock and slide it open.¬† He amazes me every day.¬† We left a big tip, said “so sorry”, and left as soon as possible.

DSC_0083 DSC_0085 DSC_0088 DSC_0089 DSC_0090

This trip into the city we decided to take them to the Natural History Museum and to Dylan’s Candy Shop.¬† The museum was huge and amazing.¬† The boys loved looking at the dinosaur bones and seeing the great blue whale hanging from the ceiling.¬† Davy also enjoyed the section on volcanoes and the earth.

DSC_0091 DSC_0093 DSC_0094 DSC_0095 DSC_0096 DSC_0098 DSC_0100 DSC_0102 DSC_0103 IMG_1950 IMG_1954 IMG_1956 IMG_1959 IMG_1960 IMG_1962 IMG_1963 IMG_1964

We left the museum, hopped into a cab and went to the candy store.¬† This was a complete highlight of the trip for the boys.¬† They wanted their picture taken in front of the world’s largest gumball machine and each got a plastic gummy bear to fill up with whatever candy they wanted.¬† Ryla picked out a large lollipop and a lollipop pillow.

IMG_1965 IMG_1967 IMG_1968 IMG_1969

After a long fun-filled day, we hoped back onto the subway, switched to the train, and headed home.

IMG_1972 IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1976

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New Jersey Day 2!

We really weren’t sure what the weather was going to be like, so instead of planning a big outdoor adventure day, we decided to stay close to home.¬† We were hoping for snow, but we never did get any.¬† Everyone around us sure did…even Kelly in VA got 6 inches.¬† Matty put his boots and hat on, he was ready!

IMG_1936 IMG_1938

To get the boys out, we went to Vicki’s diner for lunch.¬† They love to sit at the counter, so we did.


For afternoon fun, we took Davy, Matty, and Ryla to the theater to see Oz the Great and Powerful.¬† In the parking lot there were plowed snow piles…of course the boys were completely over the moon to see these…. ūüôā


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Off To Aunt Brandie’s House

Day 1!¬† This year for Spring Break, we decided that it would be fun to go and visit Aunt Brandie and Uncle Laurence.¬† They recently bought a new house in Scotch Plains, NJ and we were excited to go and see it!¬† Brandie has been in town for work, so we were fortunate enough to have her fly up with us this morning.¬† The last time that Matty was on a plane, was in the summer of 2009 to visit Brandie in Long Beach…therefore he doesn’t remember ever being on a plane and was very very excited.¬† On the way up he got to sit next to the window and on the way home, Davy does.

1 2 3

When we arrived at the airport it was super cold outside.  Being that it was March in Florida, I could not find the boys winter clothes, so Kelly mailed me snow coats and pants.  We picked up the rental car, headed to the house to pick up Ryla and Layne, and then went over to downtown Westfield for some lunch.  You can never go wrong with pizza and pasta, everyone was happy. 

4 5

Before we headed back home we took the kids to the park to run off some of their wiggles.  It really was a pretty afternoon. 

DSC_0071 DSC_0074 DSC_0075 DSC_0076 DSC_0077

Back at Aunt Brandie’s we settled in, unpacked, had some dinner, and then set the kids up in the basement to watch the Wizard of Oz.¬† Currently, it is one of Ryla’s favorites so she was very happy to get to play it for the boys.

IMG_1930 IMG_1934

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January 13, 2013

Off to church this morning, a little R&R this afternoon, and then out with Brandie for my birthday dinner.¬† They only have a little over a week left here in Florida, so while the daddy’s were home with the children we had a little girl’s night out.¬† We went down to Hyde Park and walked around until the shops closed and then we stopped for appetizers at both the Wine Exchange and Timpano’s.¬† I love¬†spending time with her: ¬†fifteen years, 1100+ miles apart, 4 children later¬†and I’m so thankful¬†for her being my¬†best friend¬†…¬† ūüôā

photo (1)

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January 5, 2012

It’s a lazy Saturday…one of my favorite kinds.¬† We slept in, ate a little lunch, and then headed out to St. Pete beach to spend the day Brandie, Laurence, Ryla, and Layne.¬† We stopped off at the beach and hunted down a cache.¬† It was hidden right off of the board walk in a tree, it really was a great spot.¬† After that we headed over to the condo. The boys swam in the pool for a couple of hours while we lounged, ate guacamole, and drank cocktails.¬† We walked down to the little beach, the kids played in the sand and climbed on the rocks, and then we headed back to the condo for dinner.¬† They had previously stopped off at Mazzaro’s for dinner items, so we ate and drank like Italian kings.¬† We loved getting to spend the day with them….¬† Wish we could do it more often!¬† Thanks for dinner B – we love you!

photo (8)

photo (7)

photo (5)

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Our First Geocache Find

For Davy’s birthday we gave him his first geocaching¬†kit.¬† Now you may be asking what is geocaching, it is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices (such as your iphone). Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache¬†(container) hidden at that location.¬† There are almost 2 million hidden geocaches worldwide.¬† They are everywhere and most people don’t even know it.

Immediately Davy was like let’s go find one, so Andy pulled up the map to see where the nearest one was, and don’t you know there are several near our home with the first being only .5 mile away.¬† We had to go and see if it was there!¬† Brandie, Laurence, Ryla, and Layne decided to join us on our adventure.¬† Here is the provided clue to find the cache:


Just in time to commemorate the last Halloween you may ever spend on this earth! Are you brave enough for the most terrifying, dangerous cache you have ever encountered? Will you emerge from the experience alive? Or will your blood be a feast for the Dark One supped from a drinking gourd that was once your skull?  (Note to parents: This is a safe, kid friendly cache. None of the above is true. Except for the part about your skull being used as a drinking gourd. That actually will happen.)

This cache¬†was placed both to drop a cache in a big, tempting empty spot on the map and to commemorate having to get blood drawn here more times than I’d like. Originally it was going to be a micro, but I was inspired by the RainBowGirlz’ cool theme cache Creatures of the Night (GCT81E). There’s room for smaller and mid-sized trading items, and please try to keep your trades in line with the Halloween/horror theme of the cache. There’s a Dracula figurine for the FTF prize.

Additional Hints (Decrypt) – onfrbsgurovtgerr

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)


It took Andy all of 3 seconds to say, “Oh, it’s over by the doctors office!”.¬† Sure enough, the compass lead us there.¬† The compass will bring you within 10 ft of the cache and then you are on your own to hunt it down.¬† We wandered behind the doctor’s office and into the woods.¬† The decrypt says, “base of the¬†big tree”.¬† It took us about 10 minutes to find it, Davy was so excited.¬† The trinkets were small; Matty took a Halloween bookmark, Ryla took a small cow, and we replaced with a hairy spider.¬† What surprised us was the signed log.¬† There were two other families that we knew who had signed it before us.¬† It is fun to think about all of the families that do this together.¬† Can’t wait to see all of the fun places that we will adventure too….¬†


Davy reaching in to pull it out.



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Meeting Little Layne…

IMG_1188After several unsuccessful attempts to meet Layne, we finally got to squeeze his beautiful face and snuggle him close. ¬†He was just the best baby while he was here and I loved watching Davy try to play with him. ¬†He tickled his belly, talked so sweetly to him, and then decided to just pick him up and walk off. ¬†Aunt Brandie quickly had him sit down on the couch… they were so cute. ¬†ūüôā

photo (15)

photo (16)

photo (17)

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