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Davy’s First Swim Mini-Meet

Davy’s first mini-meet.  Well, it was definitely an experience for all of us.  As I was loading the pictures for this post he says to me, “Mom, I just thought that it was going to be easier.”  I kindly and very parentally reminded him that it was only the first one.  The first one’s are always the hardest, and going forward they just get easier.  He said ok, and then ran off.  He does like to swim and the coaches say that he is good.

He was the youngest and the only 5 year old, next year he will be in this same group and will be an entire year older.  It will make a difference.

Before the meet, the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes for a contest.  Who knew there would be three spys???  :O)

All participating kids get into the pool for a warm-up.

The meet is offically under way.  First up is the girls and boys 6 and under group, and this heat is the free style.  A little confusion occurred here.  There were girls in lanes 1-4 and boys in 5-8, Davy was in lane 5 next to the girls.  Davy thought that everyone was going, but actually it was just the girls.  The horn blew and out of the corner of his eye he sees the girls hit the water, he jumps in.  In front of everyone, the coach yells through the Bull Horn, “Davy Zahn get out of the pool!”  He turns around, climbs out, and now the boys are setting.  The horn blows and he isn’t ready.  His goggles are crooked and he jumps in late.  He crosses the pool, gets out, and cries.  He was embarrassed.  Andy and I tried to calm him down, nothing helped.  They go through all age groups and it is time to line up again…he is still crying…  😦  Next up, the back stroke.

Davy is in the last lane for the back stroke, he comes in third.

The third heat comes up and Davy has finally calmed down.  He is not happy, but he isn’t a quitter.  The boys set, horn blows, Breast stroke.  Davy comes in second place.

The fourth heat is the butterfly and we tell Davy that he doesn’t have to do it.  His coach said that since he has only been in swim since last spring, that he really wasn’t ready for this one.  All done….  Way to go Davy!!!

When the kids earned a ribbon, they got to pick out one pumpkin.

Davy sitting with little Emily McDermott.

Davy getting his ribbons.  :O)

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