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Dancing in the Rain

After what felt like days and days and hours and hours of rain…with no end in sight Kelly says, “Well when life gives you lemons, you just have to make lemonade!”  So that’s what we did.  As long as there isn’t any thunder who cares if there is sunshine or rain? 


We had been watching the radar on the The Weather Channel and it didn’t seem as if the rain was ever going to stop and the children just needed to get out and run…so they did!  They danced in the rain, played chase and tag, made new friends who came out to join them, and gathered up buckets to have a water fight.

After dinner, we rallied and did it all over again on the beach in their pj’s.  This time instead of having water fights, they had mud fights.  They laughed, and squealed, and ran…Kelly and I of course got soaked, but to watch the sheer happiness on their faces was priceless.  Andy said to me afterwards that he needed to remind himself to live in the moments and have more fun more often no matter with situation.

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