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Thanksgiving 2016


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Mattys Thanksgiving Party

This year Matty’s class at Primrose put on a Thanksgiving show for the parents.  They sang three cute little songs and then we sat down with them to eat pumpkin pie…  They were so sweet, I videoed Matty’s performance, after all he has been singing these three songs at home for weeks… 🙂


Matty sitting next to his friend David…

Matty’s friend Colin…




Matty eating his pumpkin pie…


Matty’s little friend Jay…

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And the Turkey Says…”Gobble Gobble!”

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  This year Thanksgiving was easy-going and relaxing.  I did almost all of the cooking the day before, including a breakfast pie that all I had to do was heat up and serve.  Andy’s dad and Mr. Michaels came over bright and early to join us for the holiday weekend…so I dished up the pie, poured us some coffee, and we turned on the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade.  Davy was very excited about the parade when it started.  They showed a few clips of some of the more famous parade balloons, and he loved it all until the commercials started.  Matty doesn’t quite yet understand the importance of watching the parade in the morning…but soon enough they will both love it all.  Santa finally rolled in at the end, we all waved and cheered…there is nothing more precious than watching the eyes of your children when they are happy and amazed.

Mom and Granny arrived at noon, we heated up some of the food, and it was time to eat.  This was my first time making a holiday turkey and I was quite proud of the way it turned out.  It was a roasted turkey with cider-rosemary gravy.  Dad carved it up and I thought it was delicious.

After dinner, we all enjoyed some pumpkin pie with a cup a coffee while the “Give Thanks” book was passed around.  We had started the book a couple of years ago and meant to write in it every year…but somehow it had been misplaced until recently.  I look forward to filling the book over the years with special thanks from all of us…including my beautiful boys.

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