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Matty Learning To Ride His Bike

So, I’m laying in bed Sunday morning and Davy comes running into my room and says, “You need to get up, get dressed, pour some coffee, and come outside!  Today is a special day because Matty is learning to ride his bike with no training wheels!”  Sure enough, all three of them are outside at the crack of dawn with Matty’s training wheels off and he is gliding down the driveway.  He did a great job and by the end of the morning he was riding it by himself.  I took a short video and we cheered him on.  He’s almost ready to ride on two wheels full-time, he just needs his legs to get a little longer for better balance when he puts his feet down…  🙂  Awesome job Matty bear!

DSC_0050 DSC_0051

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Davy Rides His Bike!!!

After months and months of trying to help Davy learn to ride his bike, and what seemed like every different type of method under the sun….Andy finally found the solution and within 45 minutes he was up and running and the rest is history.  So now you are asking yourself what finally worked???, well a YouTube video Learn to ride a bike in 5 simple steps.  They watched it a few times and then he was ready.  In fact the whole thing happened so quickly that I missed the first time he went gliding and pedaling down the driveway. 

Here are the steps:

1. Take off pedals

2. Walk around while on the bike

3. Glide using a slight down hill

4. Put pedals back on

5. Glide and pedal…ride the bike!

He was so excited and we are so proud of him.

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Davys Kindergarten Calendar

Davy made this calendar for us as a Christmas present.  He gave it to us after the Winter Concert.














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Matty’s Big Boy Bed

So last weekend Andy and I got up, flipped on the coffee pot, and then we heard “Hi Daddy”.  Little Matty had climbed out of his crib.  Now, about a year ago he started climbing out, and we were fine with that….but day after day he kept getting up earlier and earlier and that just wasn’t going to work.  So Andy and I ended up turning his crib around putting the high back in the front, pushing it against the corner of the wall, and then pushing his armoire up against the other side.  Now the front was to tall and both of his sides were blocked.  You may be thinking “how high could the back of the crib actually be?”, and well lets just say that I had to stand on one of the kids stools and then drop him over the edge.  I always felt horrible dropping him in, but he thought it was funny and would laugh.

We decided it was time.  We packed the kids up in the truck and went to buy Matty’s bed.  Matty was so excited!  I don’t even know how to describe how excited he has been all week while we were converting his room.  He loves the color blue (even if half the time he calls it purple), so we picked out a nice bright color to paint the walls.  For the bedding I went over to pottery barn kids and bought a Madras quilt and pillow sham.  It definitely looks like him and it will go with whatever his favorite item of the moment is…firetrucks, surf boards, baseball, etc.

It took two days to move, paint, and assemble.  I couldn’t have gotten it all done without the help of Davy.  He painted this wall and he helped build Matty’s toy box bookshelf; thanks Davy!  The walls are still a little bare, but over time he will fill them up…  :O)  We decided to let Matty sleep on the little bed for the first two nights, just to make sure the paint fumes were mostly gone; and then here he is on his first night in his new bed!  So sweet!

Enjoy your new room beautiful boy…


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School’s Out!! Summer’s Here!!

School is officially out for everyone!!!  As the Westchase Elementary bus pulled up to the bus stop, so many parents were there just waiting to kick off the summer.  The children were met with blasts from water guns, water balloons, and silly string!  They ran and squealed with such joy.  Since it was a half day the neighborhood decided to throw a Summer’s Here party on the lawn.  There was pizza, snacks, drinks, and lots of frozen treats.  The boys were having such a good time, I just didn’t have the heart to put them down for a nap.  Davy and Connor even got to have a sleepover at Caiden’s.  It’s gonna be a great summer!  :O)

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>Falling Leaves

Mom and I took Davy up to North Carolina this October to experience a little mountain fall. The weather was beautiful and up in the Highlands we hit the peak season. The trees were bright with shades of fall colors: reds, yellows, and oranges. Our last morning there the temperature was in the lower 30’s and the air was crisp and clean. We had a lot of fun collecting leaves to bring back to Davy’s school for show-n-tell.

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>Corn on the Cob….Yummy!

So after our week long trip up to the Hampton’s for Brandie and Laurence’s wedding, we brought back some of the best and sweetest corn we had ever eaten. The lady at Southwest airlines check in looked a little confused when our bag was overweight and we opened it up to move some of the corn to another bag. Who would have thought that 12 ears of corn would weigh 12 pounds. Davy loved the corn, as you can see, it was his first time biting it off of the cob and he didn’t do so bad…..

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