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Gasparilla Half Marathon 2018


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December 17, 2016


Say no to drugs 5k…

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November 18, 2016

Turkey Trot 5k at Berkeley Prep.



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August 27, 2016

Zoo Run 5k


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2012 Mud Crusade

So, I am talking to Andy one day and he says, “I’m going to sign up for the Mud Crusade with some of the people from Cross Fit”.  My response was, “Ok, what is it?”  I had heard of mud runs before…but not this one. 

“Are you in search of some good, clean, dirty fun? Do you enjoy testing your mental and physical limits to see how far you can push them? Our intense obstacle course 5k mud races offer you an exhilarating and rewarding adventure that you can experience individually or thru the camaraderie of teamwork. The thrill of challenging yourself and the sense of accomplishment are just the beginning of what you will receive.

Whether you are running in Mud Crusade to push your body to its limits to feel the rush of adrenaline…looking for an activity to reconnect with your friends, family, or co-workers…or just in a dire need to have a gut-busting, laugh-filled, entertaining life moment…spend a day with us so we can provide the experience.”

Sounds fun, right?!!!  Well, it was.  Andy ran the race on April 21st in Dade City.  I took the boys out to watch him (and being the smart mom that I am, I brought them a change of clothes).

Andy was amazing.  The boys and I camped out near one of  the last turns and before we knew it he flew right by us and was headed towards the finish line.  Way to go Daddy!


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Gasparilla Half Marathon 2012

It is 4:10am in the morning, the alarm goes off and several things immediately run through my mind…  1. Race day is finally here and I have to get up because Kim is going to be here for photos at 4:30  2. What is the weather going to be like today and 3.  It’s Andy’s birthday!

I can hear the wind blowing outside and I just shake my head and say, “Oh well…”.  12 hours earlier Kim, Kelly and I stood outside and stared at this image on our phones.  The weather channel predicted an 80% chance of rain with winds 25-40 miles an hour.  All we could do was laugh.

Kim and Kelly arrived right at 4:30, we took a couple of photos and then hopped in Kim’s car to pick up the other girls carpooling down.  By the time we reached the parking garage outside of the convention center it was pouring and the wind was ferocious.  We stayed in the garage and out of the rain until the last-minute possible.  As we headed down the stairs, the rain stopped.  We had no idea if it was going to return or not, but we were thankful for the dry spell.  As luck would have it, the rain had moved on and we stayed dry.  We felt horrible for all of those who got soaked and then had to run in the wind.

We lined up in the second wave and then we were off.  We knew that going over the Davis Islands bridge was going to be congested, but this year it went at a snail’s pace, and I am certain it affected my overall time.  Kelly and I ran together until mile 5ish and then from mile 7-9 I ran with Tracy.   Andy and the boys posted up at the finish line when I was around mile 8, and for the rest of the run Andy and I text back and forth so we would both know the whereabouts of each other.  Miles 10-13 were the windiest of the run, I can’t help but wonder how I would have done if there had been no wind…

My goal was to finish the race in under 2:30, but I came in at 2:33 39.  All things considered I am thrilled and all my guys were there to watch :)…

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Davy’s First 5k – The Great Westchase 2011

Westchase’s traditional kick-off of the fall season began this Saturday, Oct. 29, with the tenth anniversary running of The Great West Chase, followed by a community-wide celebration of Westchase’s 20th anniversary.  Because it was year number 10, each participant of the 5K received a commemorative medal.  Once I read that, I knew that Davy would want to run this race.  He loved wearing my last medal and knowing that it was a “real” medal would be extremely appealing to him.  Up until this point, he has run 2 miles with me and his longest hike is somewhere between 3 and 4 miles.  So when we asked him if he wanted to do it, without hesitation he said “Yes!!”

A couple of days before the race I drove him through the race path so he would know when, where and what he should expect.  The day before I took him to pick up the packets with me.  He was so excited.  The morning of…it was raining.  :O(  But that didn’t stop us!  A little after 7:30 we met Kelly outside and the four of us walked over in the drizzle to the start of the race.  There were over 900 participants.  We tied up our chips and took our place in line.  The horn blared and the crowd takes off, including Davy.  Kelly, Andy, and I were like “Ok pal…slow down!”  He ran almost the entire first mile, but we didn’t want him to get to tired so we started doing intervals between the light poles.  Run 3 poles, walk 1.  When we got to the golf course for the turn around, he grabbed his water and was shocked at how many people littered their cups.  Such a sweet boy, he stood in front of the garbage can, drank his water, and then tossed his cup.  By the time we reached our neighborhood, he was ready to claim his medal.  He ran the last .5 – .7 miles of the race and looking back I wonder how much we slowed him down worrying that he was going to get tired.  He missed 3d place by 2 minutes.  I won’t forget his face as he entered the tunnel, the crowd was cheering, and he ran straight over to the girl handing out the medals.  He was proud.  We asked him if he wanted to do another race sometime and he said, “Yes, daddy will you help me hang my medals on my shark board?”  This Friday he is taking his medal and race number in for show-and-tell.

The pictures were taken on my phone, so the quality isn’t that great…but it doesn’t matter…I still got them :O).

Group                                                                                                OA                 Chip
Place   Time      Runner’s Name          Age      City                  Place   Pace    Time

Male Age Group:    6 – 8
1       29:24  Evan Kempsey                 8   Oldsmar                  342    9:29    29:14
2       32:05  Gavin Hausenfluck         7   Tampa                     453   10:21    32:00
3       38:10  Matthew De Meulder     8   Tampa                     614   12:19    37:42
4       38:23  Patrick De Meulder        8   Tampa                     615   12:23    37:55
5       38:47  Colin Lawrence               8   Tampa                     619   12:31    38:27
6       40:10  Davy Zahn                        5   Tampa                     633   12:57    39:47
7       44:16  Zachary Ashcraft             7   Tampa                     668   14:17    43:43

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