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Santa Here We Come

It is Sunday morning, Matty is feeling better from his bout of Strep and we decide that today would be a great day to go and see Santa.  This worked out perfectly for us because we needed an Advent Action card for the day and currently nothing had been planned. 

This year we went over to Citrus Park Mall.  Little did we know that Santa wasn’t seeing the kids until noon, so when we showed up at 12:10, the line was all the way back to the entrance of Macy’s.  We ended up waiting an hour and a half.  Davy was an angel, Matty on the other hand was in true character: running, climbing, jumping, pushing ahead, squealing, trying to climb into the exhibit, and desperately trying to play with the fake snow….  but in the end they were so happy when they climbed onto Santa’s lap that it was all worth it.

Davy said he wasn’t nervous…but I’m not to sure about that.  All morning we talked about what he was going to ask Santa for, for Christmas and he had all kinds of ideas… but when he sat down on Santa’s lap he asked for a new hat, a bucket, and a calendar. :O)

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