>Davy’s first time in the sand

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful March day. Sarah and the boys were leaving that weekend and since I was going to be gone, Davy and I decided to drive down and spend the day with them. Sarah wanted to go to the beach. Now, Andy and I made a lot of trips to the beach last year, however, Davy really wasn’t that mobile so I previously wasn’t to worried about the sand. Was he going to like the sand? Historically, Davy does not like to have his hands dirty. He violently waves them around in air and screams until you wipe them clean….I could only imagine his expressions about sand. Now, would he rub his eyes, get it in his mouth, up his nose…I really had no idea what to expect. Much to my surprise, he loved it. Of course he would! What was I thinking? Or worried about? All little kids love the beach. At first he was hesitant, but Liam and Charlie were squealing with delight and he just relaxed and got dirty. The boys played for at least two hours: Digging holes, running back and forth to the gulf for water and blowing bubbles. We walked down to the water’s edge and let the surf roll over our feet. Davy’s feet were sucked under and he had a hard time with his balance. This in combination with the cold temperature of the water was enough for him. I do remember last year him liking the pool better. So all in all, the trip to the beach was a huge success. Now I have to run out and buy lots of beach toys….

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