>Surfing In Florida

>It happens once in a great while, but when a nice storm brews, we can get enough roughness in the big bathtub called the Gulf of Mexico in order to get the die-hards out on the water surfing. Well during our trip to Bradenton this past weekend, we were able to see some of these nuts out in the water. Although, I forgot our camera and the actual weather in the background included 40 mph wind gusts, pelting rain and enough lightning to scare any wise person away from water, there they were. I picked these photos off the web for Gulf surfing saying it occurred on 4.15.07, but I thought the sky was much more ominous than what is depicted here. Oh well, who are we to argue with the internet.

Davy loved watching the men and boys surf and kept pointing and babbling at each of them as they popped up on their boards for another wave. He was also very impressed by all the sea gulls that could not seem to find a way to fly against the wind gusts, despite their best efforts.

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