>Catching (Devil) Rays

Davy enjoyed his first game of the season on a perfect Sunday afternoon. It would have been the perfect day for a retractable roof, but Tropicana Field has made some tremendous strides lately and is much more fun for the average fan. He was treated to one of the best starting pitching performances in the history of the franchise as James Shields struck out 12 Indians and gave up only two hits through 8 innings.

Then….the Rays bullpen let him down. Up 4-1 in the 9th, Stokes gave up 5 runs and the Rays lost the game. Terrible loss, but I don’t think that Davy will have to suffer through many more of these as the team really looks to be coming together. Great position players and great starting pitching (like Shields in this game) will make them a force to reckon with over the course of Davy’s childhood. Good time to become a Rays fan…

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