>Big Apple, Little Davy

> New York City, here we come!! It was Tuesday afternoon and after only two days we were missing Andy so much that we decided to fly up and spend the rest of the week with him. I got home from work on Tuesday at 5pm, looked at flights, and booked one that left at 7:25 on USAirways. I packed Davy and I up and off we went.

Davy was so good on the plane. It wasn’t over booked, so we sat in the last row and had it all to ourselves. We had one stop over in Philadelphia and eventually landed in NYC. The city does not require you to have a car seat, so although I carried it in a bag that acts as a backpack…we didn’t need it. It was so strange seeing Davy in the car and not in a seat. I am certain that he was a little confused also. We quickly made it to the Hotel Intercontinental.

The next morning Davy and I went for a long walk. We left Midtown, went downtown and then back uptown to the Park. I stopped and bought him his first donut. We met Andy and his clients for lunch and then it was time for Davy to take a nap. The weather in the morning was just beautiful, but sometime during those two hours while he was napping…it started to rain.

Davy and I hopped into a cab and buzzed right on over to FAO Schwarz. He knew immediately that we were in a toy store and that this place was for him. We cruised the lower level for about and hour, he picked out two toys, and then we stopped at the Icecream Bar for a snack. Davy had a little sandwich, I had a cup of soup and we split the largest rootbeer float that I have ever seen. Now of course we sat down at the wobbly table and it eventually landed on the floor…humm…..oh well….

At about this time Brandie got off of work and we met on the corner of Central Park South and 6th ave. We were so excited to see her. We ran through the park in the rain and finally made it to her condo. Laurence and Andy got there just a little bit behind us and for the rest of the evening we decided to stay in, eat some great pizza, drink champagne and wine and stay dry. We loved having dinner with them at their house. Wish we could do it more often…..to be continued……


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2 responses to “>Big Apple, Little Davy

  1. I cant believe how long ago this was. Davy such a little sweetie.

  2. So long ago, but then again it feels like yesterday…. It goes so quick. 🙂

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