New Years Eve 2009

 Today is New Year’s Eve.  This is mine and Andy’s 12th together and every year it gets better and better.  Today we stayed around the house and after naps we created our first Zahn family painting.  We set it up in the driveway, laid the paints around it on paper plates, and just went at it.  It took Davy a bit to wake up and get into it, but eventually he did.  It is 36×36 and now hangs over the TV in the man room.

For dinner Brian, Kelly and the kids came over.  We cooked filets, lobster tails, risotto, potatoes and drank Greygoose spritzers with cranberry.  Yum Yum!  The meal was cooked perfectly.  Afterwards, we attempted taking a few pictures of the kids, you can imagine how that went, and then it was time to put the babies to bed.  The older boys had waited so patiently to light the fireworks and were just wild when we told them it was time.  Not too much, just a few smoke bombs, sparklers, and TNT’s.  It was enough to satisfy them.

We walked down to the field and let them play chase for about 20 minutes in the dark.  We could barely see them, but we could hear them giggling and laughing.  Also, all around us we could hear fireworks.  Not the small kind either, the big ones.  A lot of people were out and it really was a great evening.  They went home and we popped open the Champagne.  Davy stayed up the entire evening with us.  At about 11:30 pm more fireworks started to go off so we snuck out the back of our house, cut through some trees and sat in the grass on the 6th hole tee box.  We could see fireworks in 3 different places, it wasn’t to cold out, and it was just perfect.  Andy ran inside to get Matty so the 4 of us could sit together and stare out over the pond.  At about 10 till we came inside, climbed in the bed and waited for the ball to drop.  I can’t believe that it is already 2010.  As Andy so kindly pointed out, we will have officially lived in 5 different decades: 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and teen’s.  Nothing like making me feel even older…  The ball dropped, we gave each other big big big kisses and then all of us went off to bed.  Davy slept in the little bed and Matty in his crib.  Hello 2010!!!


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