Dunedin Causeway

While mom and dad are away…the little monkey’s play! 

Courtney (Matty’s nanny and my friend) agreed to watch both of our boys this summer until August when they both will go to school; and boy does she have her hands full.  She is always coming up with fun new things to do with them and new places to take them.  This week, she took them to the Clearwater Aquarium, the Dunedin Causeway, and the airport to see the planes.  At the Aquarium Davy got to learn all about a dolphin who was injured, lost his tail, and the rescuers built it a mechanical tail so that it can swim…  He even got to touch the mechanical tail.  At the beach the boys played in the sand, water, and had a picnic.  At the airport, there is a new observation deck so she took them to watch the planes take-off and land.  Lucky boys they are….

On the way home from the beach...

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