Yesterday, I was having a conversation with Mrs. Nancy Tunstall and it occurred to me that although I have Tastebook listed in the Blogroll, I have never explained why.

Nancy is one of the best cooks that I know and she loves to cook for her family and friends.  She mentioned that possibly for Christmas she was going to make each of her children a hand written cookbook with all of the family favorite recipes.  Many times I have heard either Natalie or Nicole say that they love their mom’s Syrian rice and yahtne (which is a rice mixture with tomato sauce and then on top it has eggplant, potatoes, and ground beef) and her kibbe (which is a baked lamb dish with wheat).… but for me personally I love her fudge.   Now anyone who knows me knows that I strive to have my children say the same thing about me one day; which is why I am always on a mission to make the perfect tomato sauce, guacamole, bisque, sangria, etc.

Andy found this company for me, and as I am slowly adding recipes to my collection, I can’t wait to order our cookbook.  I have found this website very very easy to use.  One of the features that I like best is that you can order your own cookbook with up to 100 recipes, and although you may not have 100 at the time of ordering, a credit will go to your account and you can order more later on.  There are also a lot of already completed cookbooks that you can purchase, add to, or steal recipes from to put them in your own.  I also like that I can order as many cookbooks as I want. One day, when my boys are grown and married I hope to be able to give them each a copy of our very own “Family Flavors”.

Oh, and if I’m lucky…maybe Nancy will share some of her recipes with me too….

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