The Florida Aquarium

A last minute decision today landed us at the Florida Aquarium.  Andy went to Chicago for the weekend to see his friends and family, so this gave the boys and me a lot of time to play together.  Kelly had planned on taking her kids, so when she asked us if we wanted to come along… of course we said yes.  

When we lived in south Tampa we used to go to the Aquarium often, but lately not so much.  So, I renewed our annual passes and am excited about the adventures that we will have this next year.

Some of our favorite parts of the Aquarium are: the coral reefs, the sharks, the penguins, the sting rays, the touch tanks, and Explore a Shore.  Explore a Shore is an outdoor play are that is filled with water jets, climb-on animals, a pirate ship with water cannons, a water slide, a sand box, and a place just for toddlers.  Also, should the parents need to cool off…they have a large Tiki bar.

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  1. OH How I can’t wait for Ryla to join in your world of fun. This should be something we all do together every year AT LEAST once!!! So much fun!!!

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