Swim lessons for Matty

We do not have a pool fence, but what we do have is a 1 year old who loves to play outside.  Matty is now 20 1/2 months old and 4 months ago we decided it was time to enroll him in swim lessons.  One of the first things that they teach the children is how to get out of the pool if they fall in; to find the wall.  Speaking of falling in… Matty has slipped in, fell in, been rolled in while driving his car, pushed in…and well if you can name it, it has probably happened.  I have had many panic attacks as well as sleepless nights worrying over him and the pool…but that is about to be over soon…

He is taking his swimming lessons at LaFleurs Gymnastics and swim and is currently in a mom and tot class.  There have been several occasions where I have not been able to make the lesson so Andy, Courtney, or Papa has stepped in and taken him.  He has been learning to kick kick his legs, reach and pull with his arms, dive for the toys, and jump off of the edge (or cannonball as he calls it).  Although we are still working on him finding and grabbing the edge, he is pretty good at swimming to people and the steps.  Not too much longer and he will be a perfect little swimmer…

Way to go Matty!!!….

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