Seabreeze Kite Flying

Most of time when you head down to the beach at night it is really windy, so knowing this Kelly went out and bought a bunch of kites for our vacation.  We went out two different nights to fly kites, the first night the breeze was slight and there were a lot of gnats so we went in early and then the second night it was perfect.  Davy, Colin, and Connor each had their own kite and then Emma and Matty shared one.  The kids just had a ball running up and down the beach watching the kites soar into the sky.  Davy kept saying that he wanted his to go higher and higher and Matty kept asking to hold and try.  We only had to untangle the lines a few times.  The weather was nice and we also got to watch a beautiful sunset.  Life is good.

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Filed under Beach, Little Gasparilla Island

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