Celebration Station

Davy’s Day Out! 

Children often ask for and to do a lot of things, and Davy is no different.  So Andy implemented the wish list for things that Davy wants and “___’s Day Out!” for things that we all want to do.  Now that school is back in and schedules are a little more routine and consistent, we decided that it was time to increase church involvement every week to Service and Sunday School.  When you only get two days on the weekend to hang out with the family, it’s a lot of time to miss with them….  3 hours of church and then 2 hour naps…  = :O( 

How it works is each week after church, whose ever week it is gets to pick the family outing for lunch.  The rotation is: Mama, Davy, Daddy, Matty, … and so on.  Last week was my week, so I picked pizza.  We all know I love pizza and any opportunity that I get to go out and get it…I’m all over that.  This week was Davy’s turn.  He picked Celebration Station.  It is a little far from the church…but it doesn’t matter, that is what he wanted to do.  I packed our clothes to change into in the car so we wouldn’t have a detour.

I can see why kids would love this place there is a lot going on.  Indoor video games, laser tag, mini golf, kiddie rides, water bumper cars, race cars, and more.  So we bought the boys the unlimited wrist bands and off we went.  For lunch we ordered a pizza ( :O) – I had no part in that…I swear) and some chicken tenders, surprisingly the food wasn’t half bad.  Here are a few pics from “Davy’s Day Out!“, can’t wait to see where daddy picks to go next week!

Sweet Matty wasn’t handling the teacups to well, so Andy ended up holding him so that he wouldn’t fall over…

Last ride of the day…the train.  Oh, how little boys love trains…  :O)

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time!! We’ll have to take Bella there when she gets a bit older!! ~:o)

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