Happy 2nd Birthday Matty Bear!!!

To kick off Matty’s 2nd birthday, we surprised him with a party in his classroom at school today, November 15th.  After looking at our schedules, we decided that we would be able to give Matty more birthday time if we started the day before rather than just on his actual birthday.  When it came to deciding what theme the party would be, it was between Mickey and trains; and since he was Mickey for Halloween…this was the perfect opportunity to shine something else that he loves.  Granny, Andy, Davy, and I all show up to his classroom with cupcakes, snacks, and balloons for everyone… he was so happy to see all of us.  The class sang him happy birthday and he just beamed with smiles.

After we left the school, we headed home and again surprised Matty with Thomas decorations, a big homemade cake, and a giant singing Thomas balloon.  Davy immediately ran and gave him a big hug when we got home.

Now of course we couldn’t wait until after the cake to give him his presents…sooo…  From mom and dad he got his first big boy bike, from Davy a Cars helmet, from Papa a Little Peoples Car Garage, and from Granny the Slinky dog from the movie Toy Story (it looks like Maggie).

After presents were opened, Andy cooked up one of Matty’s favorite meals: grilled hot dogs, cheese puffs, chips, and strawberries.  I took down the baby swing off of the swing set, and put up a lowered big boy swing just for Matty.

Kelly and the kids came over to help us sing Happy Birthday to Matty and eat cake.  I was so proud of Matty.  He wanted to wear the hat and he actually blew out his own candles.  Such a sweet boy.

Off to bed Matty goes in his new birthday Thomas jammies….  Can’t wait to wake up and sing to you tomorrow morning birthday boy….  :O)

Click the link to read about  The Birthday Breakfast

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