Winter Concert 2010

Today is Davy’s big Winter Concert.  I thought that I would out smart all of the other parents and get to the auditorium nice and early for a good seat, but little did I know that almost half would be filled 45 minutes in advance.  The Winter Concert consists of PreK, Kindergarden, and 1st grade.  Andy and I also didn’t realize that this concert was his really big production of the year, so as I was sitting in the center of the seventh row I found myself in one of those surreal moments that you see in the movies where the parents are watching their child in the school play or recital and they are so proud…I realized that I am now that parent…  :O)

Before the concert began, they showed a slide show of the children rehearsing…I was able to get these of Davy.

Here is Davy coming down the aisle.

Davy’s Friend Sophia

Davy’s Friend Annabelle

Davy’s Friend Emily

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