Christmas Day 2010

 It’s early Christmas morning and Andy and I woke to the sound of sleigh bells outside and the silent creaking of the back door closing..and we knew that Santa Claus had been to our house.  Very quietly we snuck out into the livingroom and this is what we found…  We both just glowed with excitement because we knew that the boys would be up shortly and they were going to be soooo surprised and happy.

Davy was the first one to come sprinting down the stairs…

Shortly followed by Matty who zeroed in on a really large Mac truck from the movie Cars.

Davy is very excited to find a stuffed Toothless from the movie “How to train your Dragon”.  This was the theme of his 5th birthday party here at home.

Davy’s first set of big boy golf clubs…Santa was so smart to bring these because Davy is starting the Golf Club at school in January.

I think that Davy opened one of his big gifts…a Nintendo DS!

Wow!!  We were so excited about the presents, we forgot to get into the stockings.  They are so full, they are overflowing!

Christmas isn’t complete unless you have the movie “A Christmas Story” on loop.  Davy watching the snow scene while checking out his new spy kit…

Here’s Matty’s big gift…a bounce house.  Boy, Santa sure does know our little Matty bear.  Matty jumps all the time and everywhere he can.

Team effort to put together the basketball hoop…Andy put together 98% of it and he did a great job.

A little outdoor fun to burn off some extra energy before bedtime.

This picture here is classic Matty because he always jumps onto the swings on this belly.

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