Dusty’s 13th Birthday

On April 6th, Dusty turned 13 years old.  Andy and I were so excited because there were several times that we didn’t think that he was gonna make it.  So what do we do when there is a birthday???… We throw a party!!!  With six children under the age of 9, how could we not.  We decorated the house with balloons, gifts, cupcakes, and even had a favor for his friend Lucy.  I had bought a doggie cupcake, but while we were singing “Happy Birthday” to Dusty he just couldn’t help himself and he took off with a real one.  Love him…  :O)

Four days later, although we knew it was coming…just not when, it was time for Dusty to go to heaven.  He had been having problems over the last couple of weeks with his lower spine and after doing a nerve test, we discovered that he didn’t have hardly any feeling in his back half and subsequently woke up on Sunday morning and was unable to walk.

Dusty really was a wonderful dog and although he will be missed, we know that he is running pain-free through the fields of heaven and eating all the grass that we didn’t allow him to here.  Love you Dusty.


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