The Last Day of Pre-K

It’s Davy’s last day as a Pre-Ker….  Sniff Sniff….

As always, on the last day of school at Berkeley they have what is called Farmers Day, otherwise known as a field day.  The students are always divided into one of two teams: blue or white.  Davy was on the white team.  We dropped him off at normal time and then returned at 10:15 for the end of the year classroom party.  The kids were so excited.  They made a few crafts and of course ate some candy.  At 11am the party ended and so did their school year.  The last day of school is the only half day that the children get all year.  He told his friends to have a nice summer, gave Ms. Fruit a giant hug and a thank you, waved goodbye from the classroom door, and we were off.

Congratulations to my big guy…he is now a Kindergartener!!!!

Davy with his girlfriend Annabelle and his friend Sophia.

Davy with Ms. Fruit.

On the first day of school I got a great picture of Davy with his friend Ryan and I  was hoping to get a picture of them on  last day of school as well…  You can see that they had no interest in posing for me…  :O)

Davy waving goodbye to Pre-K.

We stopped at TGIFriday’s for a celebratory lunch.  Davy is eating an ice cream Oreo sandwich…Yum!

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