Matty’s Big Boy Bed

So last weekend Andy and I got up, flipped on the coffee pot, and then we heard “Hi Daddy”.  Little Matty had climbed out of his crib.  Now, about a year ago he started climbing out, and we were fine with that….but day after day he kept getting up earlier and earlier and that just wasn’t going to work.  So Andy and I ended up turning his crib around putting the high back in the front, pushing it against the corner of the wall, and then pushing his armoire up against the other side.  Now the front was to tall and both of his sides were blocked.  You may be thinking “how high could the back of the crib actually be?”, and well lets just say that I had to stand on one of the kids stools and then drop him over the edge.  I always felt horrible dropping him in, but he thought it was funny and would laugh.

We decided it was time.  We packed the kids up in the truck and went to buy Matty’s bed.  Matty was so excited!  I don’t even know how to describe how excited he has been all week while we were converting his room.  He loves the color blue (even if half the time he calls it purple), so we picked out a nice bright color to paint the walls.  For the bedding I went over to pottery barn kids and bought a Madras quilt and pillow sham.  It definitely looks like him and it will go with whatever his favorite item of the moment is…firetrucks, surf boards, baseball, etc.

It took two days to move, paint, and assemble.  I couldn’t have gotten it all done without the help of Davy.  He painted this wall and he helped build Matty’s toy box bookshelf; thanks Davy!  The walls are still a little bare, but over time he will fill them up…  :O)  We decided to let Matty sleep on the little bed for the first two nights, just to make sure the paint fumes were mostly gone; and then here he is on his first night in his new bed!  So sweet!

Enjoy your new room beautiful boy…


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3 responses to “Matty’s Big Boy Bed

  1. Love all the new posts Kathryn!

  2. Hello! I am working on a book development project. I am writing a children’s book about the transition from crib to “big kid bed.” I am looking for photographs to use in my book, and I really like the photos you have posted to your blog of your son in his new bed! I am writing to ask if you would be willing to give me rights to use the photograph/s in my book. I will need permission to use it for commercial use. Please let me know if you have questions about the content of the book. Thank you!

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