Davy Loses His First Tooth

For months now Davy has had three wiggly teeth and we have been patiently waiting for one of his teeth to fall out.  One by one his friends were losing their teeth and we just knew that it was going to be his turn some time this summer.  We even went out and bought a plastic tooth that opens up and on one side it holds his lost tooth and on the other side it holds the money that the Tooth Fairy leaves behind.

On Wednesday morning, after I dropped Davy off at summer camp, I receive a phone call from one of the Kindergarten teachers at the camp.  Now, it is never a good feeling when your phone rings and you look down only to see that it is the school calling.  She immediately starts off by saying, “Davy is fine!  But I wanted to call you and let you know that Davy had an accident on the playground.  He was on the monkey bars, he fell off, and lost one of his front bottom teeth.  I took him to the school nurse and she looked in his mouth.  We think that the tooth that he lost was probably already loose and she pulled on the tooth next to it and it also is really loose, so we suspect that it will also fall out pretty quickly.  But don’t worry his mouth is fine.”

Since I already knew that these two bottom teeth were super wiggly, I wasn’t really concerned.  In fact, his adult teeth have already started coming in behind his baby teeth and we knew that they were being pushed out.  What I was concerned about was the lost tooth!  I asked her if they found the tooth and she said “No, but we did look for it and that they just couldn’t find it in the mulch”.  Oh, No!!!  She said that he cried a little bit and explained that this happens all the time and that children just have to write the Tooth Fairy a letter, she understands.  My heart was so broken for him.

Soooo, today I parked my car and went in to pick him up versus waiting in the car line and he was so excited when he saw me that all my fears went away.  He actually loved the idea of writing the Tooth Fairy a letter….so that is what we did.  We also took a picture of Davy and his big smile with the missing tooth, printed it, and left it on the bunk bed so she had proof of his lost tooth.


The Tooth Fairy came to visit Davy and brought him $5.00….  He was so happy!

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