Little Matty Gets Tubes

After many months of debating whether or not to get tubes in Matty’s ears, we finally decided it was time.  One to many infections and one to many antibiotics….  So at 6:40 am we pulled into University Community Hospital’s One Day Surgery Center so we could help Matty get better.  Andy had to take Davy to school, so he didn’t arrive until right after Matty went in.  Here is Matty sitting in triage wearing his little hospital gown with Tigers on it.

We didn’t have to wait to long, only about 30 minutes, and then Dr. Patel comes out into the waiting room to get us.  He said that he also removed his adenoids; they were very inflamed which was also preventing the ears from draining and the antibiotic from penetrating the infections in the ear.  He has really high hopes that things are going to improve greatly.

There was a chair directly next to his bed and we both thought that it would be best if Andy was sitting there when Matty woke up so he would be the first thing that Matty saw, afterall…Andy is his favorite.  When Matty finally woke, he looked around, saw Andy and scowled.  Although he never cried, he was outright mad at him.  So mad it was funny to us because Andy didn’t do anything at all and I was the one who brought him here.  He looked at him, looked at me, and then threw his arms out and said, “MAMA!”  So sweet.

We stayed about an hour after he woke up, and then we headed for home.  I stopped to get him his pain medicine…but couldn’t wait to get him in bed with me to snuggle up.  I hope you feel better soon little Matty Bear!!!….




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