Lake House on Lake Lanier

Every year Davy gets Columbus Day and the day after off, which falls around the second week of October and nothing, sounds more fun than heading north to experience a little fall.  Everyone already knows how much he loves the mountains, so a long weekend in cooler weather…sign us up.

Aunt Barbara already had visitors planned at her home this weekend, so last-minute Andy says, “well lets find a place on Lake Lanier and explore new towns at the base of the Smoky Mountains”; so that’s what we did.  We found this little house on and luckily for us it was listed with a last-minute fall special that fell into our price range.  It was a small house, located in Gainesville, Ga, probably around 800 square feet, but it had a loft with two double beds that the boys just loved.  We didn’t spend a lot of time in the house; mostly we were out by 8am and didn’t return until 7ish.  We had planned on doing a little fishing, but there has been a drought in Atlanta and the lake was low, so we changed our mind and decided to do more hiking instead.

Some of the characteristics of the house included: a really steep driveway, a tin roof that banged loudly every time an acorn fell on it (by the way – there were hundreds of acorns and they were the biggest acorns that I have ever seen, between an inch and an inch and a half long) so it sounded like gunfire was going off all night, a huge screened in porch (that we loved and is a must one day in our mountain house), and there was white carpet!  Not sure why the owners would put white carpet in a Lake House…it made me so nervous the entire time.

The boys had a great time.  It was fun watching them share a room and they loved eating outside on the porch.

Eating breakfast on the porch.

Collecting Acorns!!!

Matty in the Loft.

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