Blueberries, Carytown, Swimming, Fireflies

We started our day with a little blueberry picking. The kids love to pick and eat them, so this was the perfect morning outing.  Kelly had found this patch a few weeks ago, so off to Swift Berry Patch we went.  The bushes were the size of small trees and the price was amazing!  We stayed about an hour, until the heat became unbearable, and with much delight we had picked almost 10 pounds of berries.  Looking forward to finding some yummy recipes for these…

After we dropped off the berries at home, we met Brian at his office and followed him to lunch.  He took us to Cary St.  Carytown is located in a trendy part of midtown, in Richmond. It is not a formal township, but it is formally recognized as a superior shopping district.  Over 200 businesses, and some residents call this historic outdoor shopping mall home.  Brian swore that if we went to Carytown we’d have one of the best hamburgers ever.

The sunflowers are in full bloom here, so I had get at least one photo…

Both boys got a hot dog while I ordered the California burger with a side of onion rings…Yum!

Little Emma waiting for her drink to come.

After lunch we decided to scrap our afternoon plans and have Brian take the kids home.  They have been so excited for the last two days and along with the heat exhaustion was setting in.  While the kids went home, Kelly and I walked down Cary St. and looked through a ton of shops.

After quiet time, the kids went for a swim.  Kelly dug out a waterproof camera that the boys had received for Christmas and needless to say, the camera provided them with a long time form of entertainment.  The pictures turned out cute too. 

The evening thunderstorms seemed to be holding off a little bit tonight, so we set out to find the fireflies.  While we were waiting for them, the boys climbed the trees and ran around with the dogs.  Connor caught the most, he was super pleased.  🙂


Till tomorrow….

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  1. So much fun. Miss you guys a lot. I love the underwater photos!

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