Day Trip to Gwynn’s Island

Being in Richmond and so close to Uncle John, I just had to take the boys out to Gywnn’s Island to visit for the day.  It was short notice, but we were fortunate enough to make it work and an added bonus…Susan came out to spend a couple of hours with us too.  Colin and Emma joined us for the day, and boy did they all have a good time!

Justice the dog couldn’t resist a good swim with the kids…

Davy and Colin on the lookout…

The poor little apple tree that Matty and Emma picked all of Ms. Penny’s apples off of…

Susan grilled us all hot dogs for lunch…they were delicious!

Emma looking at the butterflies…

Matty, Davy, Cousin Susan, and Uncle John Dixon…

I love this photo!

On our way off the island, we stopped into the local seafood shop and bought some fresh crabmeat to make crab cakes…Yum Yum!!!


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