Happy or Scary? Carving Pumpkins 2012

This year when it came time to carve the pumpkin we had to take a vote: Happy or Scary.  Davy and Daddy voted for Scary and Mama, Matty, Molly, and Granny voted for Happy.  And we have a winner…  

  1. Davy had to draw out the face he would like to see on the pumpkin.
  2. He had to cut open the top
  3. He and Matty had to scoop out the insides
  4. Davy turned over the knife for Mama to carve
  5. We decided to make a scary face on the little white pumpkin
  6. Repeat steps… 🙂

I attempted to roast the pumpkin seeds, but on Halloween when I put them in the oven I got caught up in the excitment of costumes and trick-or-treating and forgot about them.  Andy found them on fire in the oven…Oops!

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