Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

It is the day after Thanksgiving and per our annual Zahn tradition, down went the fall decorations and out came the Christmas ones.  This year we decided to head back over to Sickles High School to check out their trees.  Last year we did a little shopping around and in the end we ended up back at the school.  For the last three years this is where we have purchased our tree.  The tree tents were surprisingly bare and as we were leaving one of the gentleman working the tent said,” We really want your business, sorry we don’t have more trees out we have been slammed today and can’t get them out fast enough.   Please let us unwrap a few, we’ll find one you want.”  So that’s what we did.  He opened up three, we picked out one, and were on our way.  This tree is 8 feet, we thought that it might be a little big, but once we got it home we realized it was smaller than last years….and perfect! 

Originally, we were going to make homemade pizzas and decorate the tree, but it quickly became dark outside so we turned off the lights, made hot chocolate, and put in Polar Express.  On Saturday morning, Matty and I ran to Target for new white lights and then the family decorated the tree when we got back.  Only two broke from little hands….  Not bad, if I do say so myself… 🙂


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