Davys Quilt

Earlier in the year, Davy asked me when I was going to make him a quilt.  I didn’t think he was really serious about it except that he then asked me several more times throughout the summer and the fall.  So, I decided to make him one for his birthday.  The next question was what pattern would I do?  After weeks of looking at patterns and thinking about the colors, Davy and I were shopping for some fall fabric when he asked me if he could pick out some fabrics for his quilt.  It then became a hodge podge of colors and patterns and that’s when it hit me….I’ll make it the same as Andy’s!  One day I will make Matty a quilt too and I love knowing that all three, although different colors, will still look the same.  The fabric’s that I used were ones that he picked out, I picked out, a few from Andy’s quilt that I made as a wedding gift 10 years ago, and even a crib sheet of his that has sharks on it.  It shouldn’t be surprising that he picked the green backing, but I did pick the star quilting pattern.  He loved his quilt and that makes my heart melt.

12.25.2012 468

12.25.2012 470

12.25.2012 471

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