December 30

photoWell it is official!  The cold that has been circulating through our house for the last two weeks has now found its way back to me.  This doesn’t surprise me at all and I really don’t mind, colds happen, but what sucks is the coughing.  I have been coughing since December 14th and it is not getting better :(.  Last night I happened to make an overnight french toast casserole, which was perfect because all Andy had to do this morning was bake it.  It was delicious.  Most of the day he has been playing with the boys so that I can get some rest, hopefully soon we will all kick the cough and get back to normal.  Our one outing today, was to take the boys to Starbucks for some hot chocolate.  It is in the 40’s today, burrrrrr, so this little drink hit the spot.


photo (15)

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