January 2, 2013

photo (1)Today, Davy had the fun lesson of learning about action and consequence.  A few days ago, he comes into my bedroom and holds up his Skylanders game disc and half of it is cracked….broken!  No disc, no game.  So this morning we piled into the car and headed over to Toys R Us to get him a new one.  Caiden had given him a gift card for his birthday, I had a few ‘rewards’ cards lying around, and we had one duplicate Skylander from Christmas that Davy was going to get to swap out for a new one.  Well it turns out that they don’t just sell the disc, you have to buy it as a kit $59.99 (I called GameStop too just to be sure).  As I was talking to Customer Service, the boys run off and each pick out a new Skylander.  Needless to say, I had the fun job of explaining to them that they weren’t getting new ones, the traded one was now going to be used as cash, and that the purchase of the game sucked up all of their money.  It was bitter-sweet for them, so sad to not be getting new ones like they thought, so happy to get the game again.  Oh well, how many times do we have to say….”Take care of your stuff!”

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