January 22, 2013

Sometimes there is nothing sweeter than the imagination of a child.  There aren’t a lot of boys in the neighborhood to play with that are Matty’s age, but that doesn’t stop him making friends even if it is with all of little stuffies.  So, yesterday when he announced that today was going to be Kitty’s birthday I just went with it.  He spent two hours pulling out all of the gift bags from the office and stuffing them, there must be fifteen and then he tells me that Kitty needs a collar and food dishes.  While Matty was at school today I went to PetSmart and bought his Kitty a collar and bowls, and then made a birthday cake.  He was so excited and proud.  We sang Happy Birthday to Kitty with a few of his stuffy friends and I just love that I made him so happy.



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Filed under Project Life 2013

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