February 6, 2013

Well, today was Matty’s big interview day at Berkeley Prep.  After months and months of thinking about this day, it has finally come and gone.  He is smart, kind, funny, and beautiful….what more could they ask for??!!!  At 8:30 on the dot the lady came to get him.  She took him by the hand and they just walked off; such a big boy.  The only question that I heard was, “Matty, how old are you?”  In which he answered 4.  He had to rebuild what she built with blocks, cut with scissors, recognize letters and their sounds, write his name, skip, answer questions about his family and draw a picture of them, know his shapes, and perform a few computer activities like matching, etc.  They don’t tell you how it goes, but she did comment on how much Matty talked.  Love him.   At 9:30, right after Matty was Jay’s interview.  To celebrate them officially being over we had a playdate.  Sejal and I took the boys to the park, out to Burger 21 for lunch, and then came back to our house for a few minutes.  Whewww…. Next up is the group interview on Saturday, and then we wait…and wait…until March 16th!  Good luck baby boy!

photo (2) photo (3)

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