NYC, Spiderman, Matt and Ted

Day 5!  Today we headed back into the city to take the boys to see Spiderman on Broadway and to visit with Matt and Ted.  Instead of ordering the tickets online, Brandie saw that if you arrived before the box office opened and stood in line you could get $39 seats until they were sold out.  Sounds good to us!  We hopped off the subway at 42nd, crossed the street to Foxwoods Theaters, and arrived at 11am with the ticket booth opening at noon.  Matt and Ted came to meet us in line while we waited.  The boys and I wandered around the corner into Times Square so Davy could see the New Year’s Eve ball, Matty helped himself to a vendor hot dog, and Brandie, Ryla, Matt, and Ted ventured off to get us some Starbucks.  Before we knew it the line was moving, we purchased our $39 tickets and were super excited to land front row Mezzanine seats.

1      2






For lunch, we left the touristy areas and walked over to 10th Ave into Hell’s Kitchen to eat at one of Matt and Ted’s favorite Mexican places, Anejo Tequileria.  Between the guacamole and the margaritas, lunch was delicious!  Across the street was a playground, so we took the kids over to run and burn some energy. 

8 9 10

While the boys and I headed back to watch the show, Brandie went over to Matt’s to put Ryla down for a nap.  The show was FANTASTIC!  Matty leans over at one point and says, “Mama! This is the best movie I have ever seen!”  So cute.  Half way through the second act, Spiderman is running around our level, he leans over to give Matty a high-five and then he fires his web all over us.  The boys loved it!


Afterwards, we hopped into a cab and headed downtown to Matt’s apartment.  For dinner Matt, Ted, John, Brandie, Ryla, Davy, Matty, and myself ordered some pizza, drank wine and juice, ate homemade rosemary ice cream, cranked up the tunes and had a great time.  Brandie and I loved seeing Matt and we loved that he got to spend some time with our babies…  🙂

DSC_0151 IMG_2009 IMG_2012 IMG_2016 IMG_2019 

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