Church St. Armands and Fishing

August 7:  Sunday

It is a beautiful Sunday here on the island for the family to spend together, so we took the boys the church for a little worship.  The Roser Memorial Church was built 1913 by Charles Roser as a memorial to his wife Caroline.  He had decided that since so many people came to visit the island that it would not be given to any denomination, but would stand as a house of union for worship.  The original church still stands and is beautiful.  The people were friendly and the boy had a great time in Sunday School.

For lunch we headed down to St. Armand’s circle.  Andy and I always have a craving for Tommy Bahama’s when we head this way.  He loves the cheeseburger and I love the Ahi Tuna Poke…yum!

After walking through the shops, the boys were so good that we treated them to ice cream and promised to stop at the Long Boat Key playground on the way back.  It was a pretty park and we had it all to ourselves.

As we crossed back over to Bradenton Beach, we decided to drive down Bridge Street to see what was there.  We’ve passed by here so many times, but we had never stopped to check it out.  What did we find???  Minigolf!  It was so hot out, but Davy loved showing us his golf moves and at the end the boys got to drop their ball into a Plinko game and Matty won a free round next time we came back.

For the evening activity, the daddy’s decided to take the boys fishing.  They all climbed into the back of the truck and told stories about who was going to catch the whopper fish of the day.

Everyone caught a fish today and we celebrated with Two Scoops Ice Cream…

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