4th of July Weekend

The only way to describe this weekend is….wet!  It rained for days and days; in fact, over the weekend we received 5 inches of rain and in a normal summer that is was what we get for the entire month of July.  So what did we do all weekend???  We played in the house.

On Sunday the 4th we went over to Mark and Karen’s for a BBQ.  Davy got to do a little swimming and fishing with Andy…so I was so happy for him.  It drizzled some and it was very overcast, but both boys needed to get out of the house and do a little running.  That evening the skies took a break and we were able to go outside and light a few fireworks in the street the guys next door.  Davy loved them all and wasn’t scard a bit… Matty was a little afraid of the louder ones like the bottle rockets, but after a while he calmed down and would yell “BOOM” with the other boys….

On Monday July 5th, Ben and Karrie came over with their kids for lunch.  Again, the original plan was to spend the day in the pool…so as the plans changed we watched the Princess and the Frog instead and drank our Watermellon Margaritas inside.

It wasn’t your typical 4th of July, an outdoor fun holiday…but in the end it was relaxing and we got to spend it together as a family.

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