AMI – Anna Maria Island

Last night right before we went to sleep Andy and I decided that today we would get up early and drive down to Anna Maria Island for our beach outing.  Usually, we will go to St. Pete beach or over to Honeymoon Island…but today we were longing for the feeling of vacation, which is what we have when we travel the extra 15-20 minutes. 

Today the weather was perfect.  For July it was surprisingly just warm versus the unbearable hot that you would expect it to be.  We set up the easy shade and just let the boys run.  For lunch we walked down to the Sandbar on the northwestern tip of the island, the blackened grouper was delicious.  After lunch we walked back, moved the easy shade into the water, and just watched the boys play for hours.  We were all relaxed and ended up staying hours longer than normal and got home right around dinner time. 

We are all sun-kissed and happy.


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