Davy’s First Day of Pre-K at Berkeley Prep

It’s been what feels like a long time coming, but today Davy started school.  Some might argue that he is only in Pre-K, that school starts next year in Kindergarten…but Andy and I feel like next year really isn’t going to be any different from this year: same school, same uniform, classrooms are next door to this years, and so on…so it’s official!  Davy had his first day of school today!  I was very proud of myself…I didn’t cry once!

We took these pictures at home on our front porch.  It was pouring rain this morning but nothing could have stopped our little sunshine.  He was so excited to go to “The Pirate School”….

As we entered Davy’s new classroom at school,  he was met by his teacher Mrs. Fruit and the classroom helper Ms. Michiels.  Ms. Michiels reminded Davy where to hang his snack bag and his book bag, showed him again where his desk was, and then sent him off to play.  In the morning before circle time at 8am, they have the choice of reading books, coloring, or doing puzzles.

His school day runs from 8-2:45 and afterwards on days that I am working he goes to BEEP (Berkeley Educational Enrichment Program).  Since it rained all day, he was in the classroom verses on the playground.  He was very excited to see me, have his friend Ryan say hi to me, and to tell me about his day.  In the parking lot on the way to our car we ran into Mrs. Fruit and she gave Davy one more hug to end his day…


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2 responses to “Davy’s First Day of Pre-K at Berkeley Prep

  1. jenni zahn

    I’m proud of you for not crying; however i cried like a baby! They are all growing up so fast!

  2. I can’t believe he is already in Pre-K!! So handsome!!

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