Matty’s First Day of Preschool at Primrose

Today was Matty’s first day ever of Preschool.  Up until this point the most interaction that he has had in a classroom was at church and well we stopped going to church because he would scream and cry so badly that every week I was getting paged to the nursery to come and get him.  So, Andy and I were nervous today as to how Matty would react being left at school.  We were hoping that he would be some what comfortable at the school since he had been so many times to drop off and pick Davy up.

It continued to rain this morning, as well as bring on a lot of humidity.  I tried to keep the camera lens clean, but it kept fogging up and I have no idea really why the pictures turned out this way.

This is Matty’s new school.  Primrose is located about 1.5 miles from our house and we were really pleased with how Davy progressed during his time here.

Although Matty is only 21 months, Ms. Nightlinger went ahead and placed him in the young 2’s class.  I felt relief over this because Matty is so smart and we don’t want him held back in any way.  This is his classroom and his teacher Ms. Pagan, his other teacher is Ms. Santos and the two classroom helpers are Ms. DeJam and Ms. Diaz.

You can tell here that he is starting to get suspicious of the surroundings.   He has a tendency to eat his fingers when he is unsure of something or nervous.

This little girls name is Reece.  Immediately when we walked into the room she ran over and smiled at Matty.  We were pretty sure that she wanted him to go and play with her.

Andy gave Matty a kiss goodbye, we went to leave the room, and Matty’s panic set in.  He raced for door and tried to sprint out after me.  The teacher caught him and he started to cry.  I wanted to stand at the window and wave at him, but we all know that isn’t a nice thing to do to them.  The teacher quickly walked off and we left.  :O(

This afternoon Davy and I both went in to pick him up.  He saw us at the door and ran over to us crying.  I think that this was his way of saying, “You left me here all day!”  I gathered up his blanket and his Bruce and he snuggled into me.  It was really sweet.

The teacher said that he didn’t cry for very long after we left this morning and he didn’t cry at all the rest of the day, until he saw us.  She said that he was a really good boy.  He ate all of his food (beef nuggets, potatoes, both snacks) but no vegetables.  He also slept really well on the cot and they were surprised when he asked to use the potty.  She said to me, “He’s such a smart boy!”  This is that moment when the parent glows and says, “I know”.

The boys ran out of the building and out to the car….all in all I would say that Matty had a pretty good first day of preschool.

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  1. Awwwwe Yea Matty!! So cute!! ~:o)

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