Change Is In The Air

We have officially entered the next phase of our lives.  The school phase.  I who do not like to get up when there is a 6 on the clock…has resigned to the fact that this will now be my life for the next 17 YEARS!!!  Where ever you are in the world during the week, when the clock hits 6:30 I will be rising and wandering out into the kitchen to greet my already up and chipper husband with squinty eyes.  My mother and my friends have all said, “Welcome to the real world”.

For the next three years we will be commuting to two different schools each morning and each afternoon.  In the morning we will each take one and most days I will pick them both up in the afternoon.  Matty is going to Primrose of Westchase Preschool and Davy has started the Pre-K program at Berkeley Prep (might I add…the BEST school in Tampa).

Davy’s teacher is Mrs. Fruit.  She is wonderful and has commented several times already how much she loves Davy.  The theme this year is the solar system; which is perfect for Davy because he loves rockets, space, aliens, and astronauts.  He has already made a great friend, his name is Ryan Hastings.   He tells us that he loves his uniform and is proud of it and each morning Davy asks us to drop him off in the car line and not to park.  He jumps out of the car and runs off into a sea of little blue and white elementary children…such a big boy.

Matty started Primrose the day after Davy started.  We wanted to give each of them their own special first day of school morning.  Both days Andy cooked each boy their favorite breakfast to get the day started off perfect.  Matty’s teacher is Ms. Pagan and our favorite classroom helper that was with Davy is Ms. DJam.  Matty cried every morning this week when we dropped him off and only the first day did he cry when Davy and I picked him up.  Davy and I think it was his way of saying, “I am mad at you!  You left me here all day!”  The teachers tell us that the crying doesn’t last to long and they have raved about how smart he is.  He knows his shapes, eats almost all of his food, has no problem sleeping on the cot, and best of all….he has used the potty everyday!!!  He truly is such a good, sweet, and smart boy…

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