First Week Survival

Well we did it!  We survived our first week of school.  My mother and a few others all laughed at me and said, “Welcome to the real world”.  Andy told me that he was proud of me for rallying so early and getting up each day at 6:30.  Up until now, I would rarely get up with a 6 on the clock and now I don’t have a choice.  Ughhh, here’s to the next 17 years!

Davy had a great first week.  Wednesday morning when we got to school he informed us that he didn’t want us to park the car, that we were to go in the car line and drop him off.  Andy pulls up, opens his door, and he just runs off.  He didn’t even wait for one of the 5th grade patrols to escort him to his room.  He turned, waved and then disappeared into a sea of little blue and white elementary children.  He’s such a big boy.  On Thursday morning while putting on his school uniform he says to me , “Mama I love this” (talking about his uniform) and when I asked him why he said because he was proud of it.  So sweet.  :O)  Friday he tells me that he picked out and ate a healthy lunch (in the cafeteria they pick out their own meals) and then very excitedly he tells me that after school he gets to go to Beep with Ryan and they watch movies.  Everyday he comes home and talks about one of his friends and something that he did that day at school.  This year the theme is the solar system and a couple of years ago Brandie had given him a solar system mobile so Andy hung it up in his room.  I can’t wait to hear about all of the things that he is going to learn.

Matty also had a great week.  Each morning he cried when I dropped him off, but after the first day he didn’t cry again when I picked him up.  Everyday the teachers commented on how smart he is and how he is such a good boy, but we already know these things.  He did very well with his shapes and blocks. He ate all of his snacks and most of his lunches.  He slept on his cot during nap time and the best thing of all….he used the potty!  Everyday he peed in the potty.  So proud of little bubbie!

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