Our First Family Picture… Rainbow Shapes

This little piece of artwork came home from school and here’s what was attached to it…

Rainbow Shapes

We continued our exploration of shapes during “R” week.  For this project, the children were able to choose from a wide variety of shapes cut from rainbow material.  They added lines and color to their rainbow shape to create a picture.  As you can see, their creativity came shining through! ~ Nancy Ansinelli, Early Childhood Fine Arts

Now, of course my eyes whelled up with pride that he made a picture about his family…so I had to add it to their blog.  Andy and I had a quick joke between the two of us wondering who was the person on the left with the glaring orange eyes, until we asked Davy and he said, “That’s you Daddy!”  When we asked why they were orange he simply stated, “Because I like orange.”  If we had looked a little closer we also would have noticed that Andy was the only one who didn’t have any hair.  How cute it that!  So, Andy asks Davy why he was on the left side by himself and Davy’s response was, “Well Daddy, you can just walk on over!”

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  1. Courtney

    Very good Davy! So smart and I love the orange eyes 😉

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