Davy Turns “5”!!!

I asked Davy what he wanted his birthday theme to be on his actual birthday and he said, “How to train your Dragon”, a movie that recently came out.  Lucky for me the party store had a few items left…so Dragons it is.  In continuing with traditions, Davy woke up this morning to find a present in his bed…a new bug catcher kit and breakfast of his choice.

In his class, the way the celebrate birthday’s is by having the child bring in his favorite book so Davy picked, The Elf on the Shelf and It’s Christmas David.  He got lucky and Ms. Fruit read both of them.  Now we all know that I have to bake a cake on their birthday’s and this time I decided to get creative and make his in the shape of a “5” and I didn’t do so bad if I do say so myself.

He was so excited when he walked in the door.  I had decorated with balloons and streamers and picked up happy meals for him, Matty, and his friends next door.  Of course we couldn’t wait to give him his present, so we got right to it!

This card was a singing card…he loved it.  And I wish that I had captured the true look on his face when he opened his present…but don’t worry, Andy got it on video…priceless,  mouth dropped open, shocked, thrilled beyond belief…he was so happy…

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  1. Awwwe Happy Birthday to you Davy!! Beautiful cake you made for him Kathryn!! ~:o)

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